Signs You Should Take Your Puppy to the Vet

Keep your puppy healthy with regular trips to the vet. Just as humans need regular care from their doctor to maintain good health, so do our pets whom we love so much. As their owner, it’s up to you to make sure they get the proper medical care they need. Some of the many signs that indicate that your pet needs to visit the shoreview veterinary clinic are listed below.

Losing or Gaining Weight

If your puppy has excessive weight loss or weight gain, call the veterinarian to find out what’s going on with the animal. This is oftentimes a sign of many problems, including intestinal worms. The vet can diagnose and treat the trouble fast.

Excessive Licking/Chewing/Scratching

shoreview veterinary clinic

All dogs will scratch and lick themselves for a variety of different reasons, but excessive licking indicates that there is probably some underlying health condition that is causing the trouble. If you notice that your dog is excessively licking, it is time to schedule that appointment with the vet at once.

Decrease in Activity

If a puppy is active and suddenly shows a decreased level of energy, it’s a cause for concern. Call the veterinarian if your puppy doesn’t regain his normal energy levels after a couple of days. We all change our pace now and again but it shouldn’t be a dramatic change, especially for a puppy.


If your puppy is uncontrollable vomiting or has diarrhea, call a vet  to determine if it is time to bring in your puppy for an appointment. When your pet suffers bot issues at once, it’s even bigger reason to pick up the phone and call the doc. Parvo virus and other culprits may cause this problem in a puppy.