Termites; One Of The Nation’s Worst Natural Disasters

Every year it happens. But if you are a little more fortunate than other citizens around the country, it ‘only’ happens every ‘other’ year in your county or state. This is the issue of natural disasters. And today the debates continue to rage from here to the federal corridors of power that the regularity of these ‘natural’ disasters are the consequences of the nation’s highly industrialized and polluting behavior. Depending where you are, you will be familiar with fires, floods, hurricanes, blizzards and more.

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And while you and your fellow citizens continue to count the costs of such calamities – houses and cars being damaged for instance, and sometimes, worse still, lives being lost – the nation’s insurers lament the increased costs of claims made by you. Of course, every year it remains the same. They pass (at least some of) the costs on to you by increasing your monthly to annual insurance premiums. And it is becoming more expensive every year. The argument goes that there is much that can be done to alleviate the incidence of such calamities.

Unfortunately, there is but one more natural disaster that is undoubtedly not manmade. Unless you are willing to believe that the sustainable practice of structuring homes with wood is unworkable. Could this be? Discussions abound on this matter. Another discussion picking up begs the question; how to get rid of termites fort myers fl. Or anywhere else in the country for that matter. And this of course, leads to, historically, one of the worst natural disasters to ever hit the country. While in periods of history there has always been a year of the locust, on this side of the hemisphere it seems as though it is the year of the termite every year.