The History of Dogs, through their Breeding

Dogs have a long and varied history no matter the breed, and in some dogs, you can still see the history arise in them. From dogs that nip at heels to herd people instead of cows, to dogs that are insanely protective, the history of man’s best friend has been a cool one.

Dogs were bred for certain purposes, and depending on what they had to do and where their environment was, they developed certain features to do those jobs better. For example, larger huskies developed long coats of fur and strong muscles to pull sleds and survive the thick snows, bulldogs got their wrinkled faces and overbite from their job fighting bulls, and greyhounds were bred to run and have lots of energy.

AKC french bulldog breeders

Now, most AKC french bulldog breeders are breeding the dogs for cuteness, since they don’t have to work as hard and will be living slightly cushier lifestyles than in the past. However, despite their cute appearance, many dogs still maintain their wilder instincts, and that’s something potential owners need to take into account.

Greyhounds will need lots of exercise and have an owner or family that spends a lot of time outside. Huskies do best in colder climates where their fur can provide some benefits, and herding dogs do better when living with animals they can herd. If you want to adopt a breed, it’d be a good idea to look through the history of the dog and see what kind of wild instincts they might be suppressing.

Besides, understanding the history of your dog will only make you understand and love him or her all the more. And more love in the world is always a good thing, especially when it comes to dogs and their adorable little faces!